The Event Breakdown
The Redline Run 2023
Destination: Deadwood
South Dakota

Sept 8th – 11th 2023

Starting Line Friday, Sept 8th in Regina, Saskatchewan (location for participants only)
Checkout Monday, Sept 11th in Deadwood, South Dakota

*This event is limited to 50 teams. After you register you will be notified if you are chosen to attend and when payment is due.

*Vehicle preference is primarily given to custom, modified and special interest vehicles.

*More details such as starting line, time of departure and accommodations will only be given to the participants of the Redline Run 2023.

Routes and Checkpoints

This will be kept a secret until the day of the event. At the starting line, teams will be given a route card with a series of questions, tasks and challenges to complete along the way. This event is based 100% on checkpoints and participation and NOT timed. This is NOT a race, so enjoy the adventure and have fun with the other teams!

Entry Fee

$2000 Per Team (1 Vehicle, 2 people)

*Rain or shine we drive! This event is for the enthusiast who wants to get out and enjoy some time behind the wheel.
** If you cannot make the event, Payments will be non-refundable, and up to the Redline Run’s staff discretion to approve a replacement. We do usually have a waiting list, so a replacement should be ok, but not guaranteed.
***Please note this is NOT A RACE. This event is 100% based on points and participation. Please obey the rules of the road and all teams MUST sign a waiver to attend.
****It is up to each participant to be able to cross the US Boarder. If you are not permitted entry to the USA, you will NOT be refunded.

What Each Team Gets

Entry fee includes:

  • Redline Run Event pack – Vehicle decals, route cards, driver passes, lanyards, swag, etc.
  • Redline Run 2023 special edition shirts
  • Redline Run 2023 Event prizes

*Prizes are announced at the event, but previous years we have given away 2 sets of custom wheels, Corbeau seats, Escort radar detectors, cash and more!

  • 3 Nights Hotel accomodations (King or two queens depending on request/availbility)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 2 each day
  • Access to up to 15 Checkpoints involving tasks, trivia, team challenges, National Parks, Monuments, sight seeing and more!
  • End of day social events
  • Professional media team doing photography and video along the way!


*$2000 per team. Payments will be non-refundable, and up to the Redline Run’s staff discretion to approve a replacement.